Carpet Stain Removal in the Las Vegas Area

It’s happened to almost everyone.  You have a firm grip on that bottle of fine red wine and . . . oh, no!  Urban legends and helpful hints abound, but it is fairly well accepted that some stains simply cannot be removed.  Period.  At A1 Las Vegas Carpet, we’re not miracle workers, but some customers say we come close to that standard!  Before making the hard decision to replace your carpet due to some minor disaster, let A1’s journeyman carpet technicians apply some elbow grease to that stain.

Enemies we fight every day

BloodInkGreasePopsiclesFruit Punch
OilTonerRed wineMake upFingernail polish
PaintGrassShoe polishPet stainsDairy products

Stain Removal Cleaning Methods

Child & Pet SafeElectrostatic Filters
Hand CleaningHigh Pressure Cleaning
Non-ToxicHot Water Cleaning
pH-BalancedNo-Residue Cleaning
ProtectantsSoft Water Cleaning
Steam CleaningTruck Mounted System
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