Stain Guard Protection for Upholstery

For a small investment in stain guard protection, your carpet and upholstery will remain clean much longer!
Stain guard protection is a product that acts as an invisible shield to protect your carpet or upholstery fabric in several ways:

Repels both water-based and oil-based stains.
Causes spots and spills to release more easily when the carpet or upholstery is steam cleaned.
Protects carpet and upholstery fibers against premature damage.
Allows spills to be blotted up quickly before they become permanent stains.
Improves the effects of vacuuming the dirt and soil are easier for the vacuum to pick up.

A1 Las Vegas Carpet uses a stain guard that is the ultimate in protection. An advanced formula of fluorochemicals and acid dye blockers form an invisible barrier against dirt and stains. A1 takes the time to co-apply the product to ensure that your carpet fibers are protected from the bottom to the top. Some companies only apply a fine mist of protectant. This covers only the tips of the carpet fibers. The protectant wears off very quickly if applied in this way and the customer has essentially paid for protectant, but received none. A1’s protectant fortifies your carpet’s ability to resist staining and soiling and refreshes the performance of stain resistant carpets.

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