Carpet Repair for Las Vegas Valley

Carpet is a soft (although heavy) fabric covering for a hard floor surface. It sees a lot of traffic, and the odds are good that most of us will suffer some form of carpet damage from time to time. However, expensively replacing your carpet or strategically rearranging furniture to hide damage are not the only ways to remedy carpet damage. A1 Las Vegas Carpet technicians perform a variety of carpet repairs each and every day, leaving rooms that look as good as new and customers feeling very satisfied with the quality of the repairs.


Loose, wrinkled or “buckled” areas of carpet can occur in very small areas or throughout several rooms of a home. If your carpet has this type of damage, there is a risk of tripping and your carpet begins to wear very quickly because every step that is taken on it causes the carpet to bend and rub back and forth. Restretching pulls the carpet taut to every edge again, eliminating the bumps, buckles and wrinkles and causing the carpet to lay flat and taut as it is meant to be. A1 Las Vegas Carpet has successfully performed hundreds of restretching services ranging from very small (just in the threshold of a door) to an entire houseful of carpet.

Burns, Stains and other small areas of damage

That annoying cigarette burn or the spot where chlorine bleach was spilled onto the carpet can be easily repaired using the cut and plug method of repair. The damaged area is cut away from the carpet and a matching piece of carpet is cut to perfectly fit the hole. This patch is affixed with hot glue after the technician takes great care to match and blend the warp and weave of the patch to that of the surrounding carpet. In many cases, the patch literally cannot be seen once the carpet pile is brushed around the edges of the patch. If the customer does not have extra carpet from which to cut a patch, often a small piece can be taken from a closet or other discreet area.

Other common carpet repairs performed

Removal of candle waxLoose carpet on stairs
Repairing carpet dentsRemoval of chewing gum
Repairing ripped carpetRepairing split seams
Repairs of carpet sproutingRepairing faded carpet
Repairing carpet snags Repairing tears
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