Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning For Apartments

Pretreat, Steam Clean & Deodorize

1 Bedroom Apartments:$403 Bedroom Apartments:$50
2 Bedroom Apartments:$454 Bedroom Apartments:$60

Rotary Scrubbing (A1 may recommend for extremely soiled areas)

$10 per room: If scrubbing entire unit, same price as regular cleaning of that size unit

Carpet Repairs

Stretching: $50 and up depending on area and severity.
Large patches (greater than 1 square foot): $79 min. (cutting carpet with carpet knife).
Small patches: $50 (cutting carpet with carpet knife).
Plugs for burns: $10 each 3 square inches or smaller.
Fraying or torn carpet repair: $79 minimum.
Red stain removal: $10 (per iron size).
Gum removal: $10 per area (except in extreme cases).
Wax removal: $10 (per iron size).
Urine / odor removal: $35 minimum charge based on severity of damage.
Urine stain removal: $10 per 1 square foot of area.
Emergency water extraction: $99 for extraction and mildewcide up to 100 square feet.

*Disclaimer: Because of volume on apartment complexes, we can only contract these prices with apartment complexes, and property managers